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Carpet Cleaning in New Hyde Park

UCM Carpet Cleaning New Hyde Park is a New York State recognized cleaning service provider authorized to carry out carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, among many other household and commercial cleaning services.

Locally based, our team of cleaning technicians is available on call 7 days a week with emergency services also readily available. Before any service is carried out a full evaluation of the problem areas and the expected results will be discussed and agreed upon by you and the technician so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

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We cater to commercial and residential spaces

The many health hazards associated with soiled carpets and air ducts are relevant for both the home and the office. It is obvious why removing bacteria and pathogens from your home would be to your benefit.

There are, however, other advantages to carpet cleaning as well. A freshly cleaned carpet with beautifully vacuum lines creates a feeling of calm and harmony. In a living room, this could encourage the whole family to sit together over a movie. In an office, employees might be more inclined to stay those few extra minutes. A newly rejuvenated place often leads to these and many other favorable but perhaps unnoticed side effects.

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We're sticking to green

We at UCM Carpet Cleaning New Hyde Park believe that in this day in age there is no reasonable reason to use environmentally harmful products when there are so many safer alternatives.

While the decision on which cleaning product to use is ultimately determined by your individual situation, we make great strides to stick with products that are 100% safe for you, your children, your pets, and the environment. As local residents ourselves, this is our way of protecting the local community.

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This is why we offer free over the phone and onsite evaluations on all of the services. Please ask our customer service representatives for more details.

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